Relative Pitch Video Course

An innovative and extremely effective ear training method, a totally new way of practicing and approaching music. This is the complete video course, containing all the lessons, concepts and exercises presented in a step by step guide that will allow you to build a strong, natural and instinctive relative pitch; also for beginners.

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Free Use Your Ear Workshop

This is a completely new training full of actionable content and proven exercises that you won’t find anywhere else!

Whether you are a hobbyist, a pro, or an aspiring pro, this workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to develop your musicality faster and easier than you ever imagined. You will clearly see how to become a better musician, a better songwriter and develop skills that will instantly turn you into an in-demand band member or collaborator.

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Free Intonation Training

Dive into our free 1.5-hour webinar on mastering intonation, designed for singers and instrumentalists. Learn the science behind excellent intonation and explore a proven, music theory-free approach. Benefit from practical exercises and strategies to overcome common obstacles, enhancing your intonation accuracy. Perfect for beginner and intermediate-level singers or instrumentalists.

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