Unlock, Amplify & Fine-Tune Your Intuitive Sense of Pitch

Have you hit a wall trying to improve your pitch perception with other methods? Our course is meticulously designed to do what others can't: fine-tune your pitch perception to full mastery. The course enables you to intuitively recognize melodies, seamlessly understand chord progressions, elevate your improvisation skills, and much more. Experience the transformative power of a finely tuned ear and rise above the crowd.

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Problems Of
Traditional Ear Training

Undermines Your Confidence

Overlooking key research, traditional (interval-based) ear training promotes flawed methods of thinking that doesn't translate to real music, diminishing musicians confidence.

Overwhelming And Demotivating

Traditional ear training starts with overly challenging exercises due to ignoring key science, hindering progress, crushing motivation, and causing feelings of inferiority.

Suffocates Creativity And Emotional Involvement

Suppressing intuition in favor of rational thought, traditional ear training detaches from music's emotions and harms creativity, fulfillment, reputation, and opportunities.

Why The ‘Use Your Ear’
Method Wins

Empowering And Confidence-Boosting

UYE leverages science to cultivate intuitive ear training skills applicable in real music, boosting creativity, confidence and making you stand out among other musicians.

Engaging And Motivating

UYE combines science and real teaching experience to provide you with manageable exercises tailored to your level, enabling fast progress and igniting your motivation.

Unlocks Your Musical Creativity Through Intuition

Prioritizing intuition, UYE fosters musicality through emotional & sensory engagement. Unlock creativity, express yourself fully, and boost your confidence and reputation.

Our Students’ Improvement & Opinions

Loved by Thousands of Musicians

I wouldn't be surprised if Leonardo Caminati goes down in history as an innovator and paradigm shifter within music. This is going to be the most used method for decades to come!

S. Hicks 18 January, 2022

I can say with absolute certainty, this is the most cost-effective, efficient and thoroughly well thought out way to develop your ear...No other instruction has improved my capabilities at such a ferociously rapid rate.

Mike 7 November, 2021

Before I took this course, I struggled to match the pitch of what I heard to my instrument. Now, I can identify melodies and chord progressions in my favorite music.

Brewer S. 22 April, 2023

After a few short weeks of following the lesson plans, my brain was suddenly able to recognize what I was hearing...the support was outstanding!

Samantha 2 January, 2023

As composer, orchestra conductor and professor of music composition... I can attest that your consistent approach to ear training is excellent

A. Borges-Cunha 30 September, 2021

This method will soon become a staple in western music learning

Shanti 20 May, 2021

UYE Method is a revolutionary way of learn and think about music and I hope that in some moment in the future becomes the new standard in music education!

Brito F. 26 November, 2021

I wish that the UYE Method will become the "standard" and most popular way to practice Ear Training

Moretti G. 7 August, 2021

It's revolutionary... this course is one of the best investments of my life.

Marco 20 October, 2022

Working through this course has transformed my musical ear...This technique has really allowed me to play by ear.

Ray B. 26 April, 2021

The Use Your Ear Course was a god send for me

Grip I. 7 April, 2021

I am able to identify chord progressions that I am embarrassed to say, would have baffled my violin brain 2 weeks ago. This course is extremely well thought out.

Hirsch B. 3 June, 2021

Take an in-Depth look into what’s included!

Curious about what's inside our course? Watch this sneak peek video and discover how we'll transform your musical perception step-by-step!

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In This Course You Will

Implement a Customized, Science-Based Strategy for Ear Training

Access a tailored strategy for ear training based on your current level and sticking points. Learn what to practice, when and how to practice it, and what results to expect. Avoid wasting time on ineffective exercises and say goodbye to common mistakes as you accelerate your learning curve.


Master Musical Perception

Dive into the science and mechanics of music cognition. Understand the perceptual mechanisms behind skills such as melodic and chord recognition, key’s colors, perception of pitch, improvisation, short-term musical memory, and more. Develop these perceptual mechanisms yourself with targeted exercises.


Intuitively Recognize Melodies & Chord Progressions by Ear

Learn to effortlessly recognize melodies and chord progressions through specialized, step-by-step exercises. Understand and apply innovative concepts and develop the ability to transcribe music by ear alone. Join thousands of students who have successfully developed this ability thanks to our proven method.


Connect Harmonic & Melodic Perception

Discover the intrinsic relationship between harmonic and melodic perception, and how mastering one deepens your understanding and skill in the other. Through specialized exercises, you'll develop a nuanced understanding of key’s colors, chord’s colors and triadic colors. These concepts are essential for honing your musical intuition and elevating your sense of pitch and musicality.


Dive Into Advanced Concepts (Only When You're Truly Ready)

Go beyond the basics and master complex musical elements like chord inversions, non-diatonic chords, modulations (key shifts), and different modes to expand your musical vocabulary and creative possibilities. Rest assured, we make sure you build a strong foundational skillset first; without it, these advanced elements would be too difficult to grasp.


Sharpen Musical Memory & Intonation

Discover the secrets behind musical memory and enhance your ability to remember complex musical elements with proven exercises. Additionally, fine-tune your intonation skills through targeted exercises designed to make pitch accuracy a second nature. With improved musical memory and flawless intonation, become a more reliable and well-rounded musician.


Unlock Musical Intuition & Creativity

Break through creative barriers and revitalize your songwriting or production process. By practicing targeted exercises that will change the way in which you mentally process music, you will learn to tap into your innate musical intuition, unlocking a wellspring of original ideas and improvisational mastery. Learn to effortlessly brainstorm catchy melodies, inspiring chord progressions, and cool arrangement parts, making your musical endeavors truly one-of-a-kind.

Unlock an Intuitive Connection with Music Like Never Before

With our science-based ear training course, we guide you on the journey to achieving a truly intuitive connection with music. Through our method, you'll do more than just play music—you'll embody it. Experience the fulfillment that comes from being deeply and intuitively connected to music, and set yourself apart in a way that leaves audiences moved and mesmerized.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Use Your Ear is the only step-by-step ear training method that combines a scientific foundation and practical evidence derived from years of teaching real students how to develop relative pitch.

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