An innovative Ear Training Method

Why are ‘interval exercises’ ineffective?

What should you focus on in order to really develop relative pitch?

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Develop amazing relative pitch skills

Whether  you are a beginner or an expert musician, you can develop your hearing skills as far as you want; lack of talent doesn't exist. With the right approach, music can be internalized like every other language. The ‘Use Your Ear’ course is here to prove it.

Learn Faster & Easier

Are you tired of wasting time on intervals exercises? Aren't you noticing the improvements you're striving for? With the ‘Use Your Ear’ method, this nightmare will end. You'll improve much faster and easier, without wasting your entire day in practice time.

Practice on the music you love

Are you tired of practicing the same boring exercises? No problem, all exercises in this method can be practiced on real music, so you can practice also on songs that you love.

Improve without practicing

This method will shift your point of view; you'll start hearing music from another perspective. So every time you play or hear music, you'll improve your inner ear skills, like talking in a foreign language will improve your language skills.

The Scientific Theories

Behind the ‘Use Your Ear’ Method

How the UseYourEar method has helped our students


Free Use Your Ear Workshop

This is a completely new training full of actionable content and proven exercises that you won’t find anywhere else!

Whether you are a hobbyist, a pro, or an aspiring pro, this workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to develop your musicality faster and easier than you ever imagined. You will clearly see how to become a better musician, a better songwriter and develop skills that will instantly turn you into an in-demand band member or collaborator.

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Students compare the UseYourEar method to the Interval method


Relative Pitch Video-Course

An innovative and extremely effective ear training method, a totally new way of practicing and approaching music. This is the complete video-course, containing all the lessons, concepts and exercises presented in a step by step guide that will allow you to build a strong, natural and instinctive relative pitch; also for beginners.

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