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Unlock Your Inner Musician: A Proven, Science-Backed, Innovative Approach to Develop Your Musical Ear

Thousands of students used our science-based method to go from tone-deaf, to intuitively playing by ear in less than 30 minutes a day — NO required music theory knowledge or interval ear training.

In this 3-hour long workshop, you will:
  • Unlock your musical ear with our proven, science-based system for intuitively identifying notes and chords.

  • Save time and effort with our carefully structured, step-by-step ear training method, known for delivering the fastest results.

  • Identify the right exercises for your skill level through targeted practice that tests your melody and chord recognition skills.

  • Stop frustration by pinpointing ineffective exercises that hinder progress for beginner and intermediate level students.

  • Continue improving after the workshop with two exclusive bonuses not available anywhere else.

This workshop is 3 hours long and it’s full of actionable content and proven exercises that you won’t get anywhere else!


"As composer, orchestra conductor and professor, I attest this method is excellent."


"I really believe this method will become a staple in teaching ear training."


"The Use Your Ear method allowed me to unlock my relative pitch skills."


"This method has been a game-changer for me."

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