In this Free Workshop you will discover...

A groundbreaking method to go from zero to play by ear like a pro and unleash your musical creativity!

Thousands of students used our science-based method to go from tone-deaf, to intuitively playing by ear in less than 30 minutes a day — NO required music theory knowledge or interval ear training.

In this 3-hour long workshop, you will:
  • Discover a science-based model that reveals the secrets great musicians use, without even knowing it, to recognize music on the fly ... secrets that anyone can harness to quickly develop a pro-caliber musical ear.
  • Preview our step-by-step method to develop relative pitch faster and easier than you ever imagined. See first-hand how our students get results quickly, experiencing music on a much deeper level in a matter of weeks — no more tedious mental math on intervals.
  • Practice multiple exercises during the workshop. You’ll discover the right way to recognize melodies and chords, so you walk away with practical direction based on your own skill level and sticking points. You will know how to improve, instead of just guessing.
  • Learn which exercises to avoid at all costs — ineffective exercises, prescribed by generations of well-meaning music teachers, that doom 99.9% of promising musicians to failure — so you can avoid years of frustration and lack of progress.
  • Get TWO GIFTS, available nowhere else, to help you build on the concepts and exercises you learn during the workshop.

This workshop is 3 hours long and it’s full of actionable content and proven exercises that you won’t get anywhere else!


"As composer, orchestra conductor and professor, I attest this method is excellent."


"I really believe this method will become a staple in teaching ear training."


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"This method has been a game-changer for me."

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