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"As composer, orchestra conductor and professor, I attest this method is excellent."


"I really believe this method will become a staple in western music learning."


"The Use Your Ear method allowed me to unlock my relative pitch skills."


"This method has been a game-changer for me."

Check out our students' reviews!

"I wouldn't be surprised if Leonardo Caminati goes down in history as an innovator and paradigm shifter within music. This is going to be the most used method for decades to come"

"I can say with absolute certainty, this is the most cost-effective, efficient and thoroughly well thought out way to develop your ear...No other instruction has improved my capabilities at such a ferociously rapid rate."

"As composer, orchestra conductor and professor of music composition... I can attest that your consistent approach to ear training is excellent"

"This method will soon become a staple in western music learning"

"UYE Method is a revolutionary way of learn and think about music and I hope that in some moment in the future becomes the new standard in music education!"

"I wish that the UYE Method will become the "standard" and most popular way to practice Ear Training"

"I hope your teaching methods will be the norm in future so that more people can enjoy music without struggle."

"It's revolutionary... this course is one of the best investments of my life."

"You are a god sent for many musicians."

"I am able to identify chord progressions that I am embarrassed to say, would have baffled my violin brain 2 weeks ago. This course is extremely well thought out."

"Working through this course has transformed my musical ear...This technique has really allowed me to play by ear"

"I Initially thought this course was expensive but I no longer think that’s the case...I can now recognize the notes in a major key without the help of my guitar."

"This course was a blessing."

"The Use Your Ear Course was a god send for me"

"For the first time in my life, I can recognize chord progressions...I can say with a high level of confidence, that this path will lead me to real advanced relative pitch skills."

"My ability to do melodic dictation has improved more than I ever expected."

"I am really enjoying the course having started as a total beginner."

"I didn't think about anything in particular...I felt the amount of consonance or dissonance and could subconciously tell what notes I was hearing."

"It just makes so much more sense to learn this way, rather than the interval approach I learned in school."

"If you really want to be able to play by ear, this is the course to take"

"Well done honestly you need an award"

"My inability to hear when I was out of tune was really holding me back, and I have gotten much better at that through this course."

"I think the method is terrific... Thanks for all your hard work assembling the course."

"I think this is the course that I should've done 40 years ago."

"With this course I am seeing progress every day and its exciting."

"So much more useful than the 10+ years of ear training I've already done (which didn't work at all)."

"Within 6 months I've gone from not being to recognise the melodies to being able to...I'm blown away myself how much I've progressed in a small amount of time."

"My progress is impressive"

"I was perceiving music differently from what I was taught in conservatories...With this course the progress is immediate if you work 15-30 minutes a day."

"I spent hours in musical classes and nobody never made me practice this sort of exercise which I think fundamental."

"I thought that I was unable to recognize chords... I'm very surprise to have 90% results for the first trial."

"I've been trying to follow "interval method" countless times in the past, always with the same results: give up... Now thanks to Leonardo, I know"

"Everyone who wants to improve their relative pitch should give it a try."

"Following this course for just a couple of weeks I've learned more about melodic/harmonic dynamics and practice than I've encountered anywhere else."

"Thank you for providing a framework that I have all reason to believe in and gives me something to look forward to everyday"

"The improvement is evident"

"I really enjoy it now. Excellent job"

"Believe it or not my ears are really opening up!"

"I bought it and it really really helped me a lot!"

"I'm so grateful to you and what you've done with this course"

"I am finding the course very helpful. I like how well it is structured."

"I am surprised when instinct proves right."

"This method is unique in my experience. and has been more effective for me than any other way of training."

"It has an intuitive feel that makes it feel less like hard work and more a process of discovery"

"I am developing relative pitch that has gone way beyond my expectations"

"Thank you for this new approach and the obvious quality and thoughtfullness you have put into this!"

"I can already see improvement just by using the tonal paradigm rather than trying to do the mental math on intervals."



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